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Flower Blossoms

Bud To Blossom Package 

  • Two 2-hour prenatal meetings prior to birth—the first focusing on birth and labor and the second on practical postpartum tips for self-care, understanding baby’s emotional cues, breastfeeding, and coping skills.

  • Creation of birth and postpartum plans based on your wishes.

  • Instruction in coping with labor through positions, breath, visualization, music, hydrotherapy, massage, rebozo, and music.

  • Attendance at your birth for the duration, with NO additional fees or time restrictions.

  • 1 home or virtual visit within 5 days postpartum. 

  • 24-hour on-call birth doula support from 37 weeks until your baby is born.

  • Use of birth ball, peanut ball, rebozo, yoga mat, LED lights during labor

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support throughout your pregnancy and two weeks postpartum.

  • Access to informational resources via text and email.


Bud To Blossom Package 

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Experienced Mama Package 

  • Have given birth vaginally within ten years

  • Have previously attended a full childbirth education series.  

  • Unlimited text/email including sharing informational resources

  •  1 prenatal visit via Zoom or in your home including practice of comfort measures, birth preference/plan creation, and review of breastfeeding techniques.

  •  On-call for 24 hours from 37 weeks

  • Attendance at your birth for the duration, with NO additional fees or time restrictions

  •  1 postpartum visit via Zoom including breastfeeding support if desired.


Experience Mamma Package 

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